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5 star  1/25/2106

“Patrick the owner was very professional and friendly. Our heater went out , he  took care of the problem very fast and it’s working great. Would recommend to anyone.”  – Pauline P


5 star  7/25/2016

“On a Monday, ac broke in one of the muggiest days in Brentwood. I called a few local HVAC companies, all of them went to voice mail (none replied back) and one scheduled me for a home service on a Friday, Friday!

Only Sexton Heating and Air called me back and said that they will be at our house the same day! My wife recalled he was very courteous, and even taught her how to shut off the ac unit so we can really clean out dirt and debris. In and out in less than an hour, our ac was working in tip top shape ~ the same day. (I cannot emphasize how important this is)

Thank you Sexton Heating and Air, top notch service.” – Paul V.


5 star  7/6/2015

“We had a new AC unit installed last year around July, and a year later it starting tripping the breaker, we for some reason thought Sexton Heating and Air installed the unit so we called them to see if they could come out, and see what was going on. Patrick came out the next day, found the problem, and then came out on July 4th to switch out the breaker. No charge. That problem was fixed! Three days later the AC isn’t blowing cold air, so I called Patrick, and he came out the same day, found the problem fixed it, and as we are talking I realized I don’t think he installed our new unit. So embarrassed. Turns out after hunting for the invoice it was not him. However, I am glad we called him and got an opportunity to work with him. He found problems the other person did that are inexcusable.

Even when I wanted to pay him he would not take the money until he knew for sure it was not him that installed the unit. I can tell he stands behind his work 100%, and genuinely wants to make his customers happy. I am so impressed, as normally people are so quick to take money, or do not take the blame. Patrick is honest, courteous, and professional. We finally found an AC person that I can say I trust, and know that if a problem does arise down the road he will make it right! I highly recommend Sexton Heating and Air. Thank you Patrick!” – Heather S.


5 star  7/4/2015

“A/C went out Thursday night 7/1, called other hvac companies Friday morning, everyone booked through the weekend.   Called Sexton, he put me on the list and advised it may be all day.  I was ok with it.  Patrick called at 5pm and asked if I still needed him, yes please come.  Patrick arrived, fixed problem within 30 minutes and I’m back with A/C!!!  Reasonable, reliable. Sexton will be my exclusive HVAC company from here on out.  Forget those other companies.  I’m happy and cool, not to mention I have a very sick mother and air conditioning is needed for her.  Kudos to Sexton HVAC.” – La Shawn L.


5 star   7/21/2015

“What a great company.  Second time I used them and he came out both time last minute and same day.  Found a tripped breaker this time, turned it on, and didn’t even charge me a call out fee.  It was 8PM and he was at home already.  I would have expected and happily paid him for his time!  If you are in Brentwood, USE PATRICK!” – Kent B.


5 star  72/2015

“Wow!  What a wonderful experience.  During heat alert, our AC went out.  Another company told me it would be a week before they could look at it.  I called Patrick at Sexton’s and he said he could come that day at 6:00pm.  At 3:00 that day he called to see if could come now.  So he arrived 3 hours early, quickly fixed the AC for $100 less than we expected to pay, and he is a great guy.  It doesn’t get any better than this!” – Sue N.


5 star  6/20/2015

“Friday night came home to find the air conditioner was not working. Expected 95+ degree temperature for the following day. Called Sexton Heating and air at 9am hoping to get service over the weekend. Patrick answered the phone and said he would be out between 12-1 that same day. Patrick was promoted, courteous and professional. He had my AC working by 1:00. So grateful! Now that is the type of service I hope for and seldom get with others. Great job!” – Karen M.


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